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This summer, I started my internship as a UI UX Designer in Oigetit Fake News Filter. Oigetit Fake News Filter is one of the world-leading news companies that rate news based on reliability. During my internship, I design the company's app store screenshot, onboarding page, style guide, search page in mobile and website, and company's mascot, etc.  

App Store & Play Store Screenshot 

Original Version 

  • simple yet lack of eye catching heading and design 

IMG_3151 2.PNG
IMG_3151 2 (1).png

My Initial Redesign

  •  three different colors from light, medium and dark blue

  • Tinted pink and purple wave to make the design pop to the audience

  • Add more features to demonstrate the full function of the app 

Frame 6 (1).png
Frame 4 (1).png
Frame 5.png
Frame 11.png
Frame 12.png
Frame 10.png

Final Design 

  • After a discussion with the marketing team and CEO, we decide to go with the medium blue color

  • Add more catchy lines to the design for a marketing perspective 

  • Used iPhone mockup for IOS App store and Google Pixel mockup for Google Play store

Frame 13 (1).png
Frame 14 (1).png

*My design is now live on App store and Play store, view by millions of users everyday.   


Customization Page

Original Design 

  • simple and intuitive but is not enough aesthetically appealing

IMG_1791 3.PNG
IMG_1790 3.PNG

My Initial Design 

  • Stay consistant with light blue and purple theme

  • One design with check when cliked and one design just have blue surrounded ring  


Final Design ​

  • combined intial design 1 and 2 for more intuitive design 



  • created styleguide for company to help designers and engineers have easier acess to all the design element

  •  help design to stay more consistent 

Desktop Copy.png

*images blurred for confidentiality 

Search Page Mobile 

Original Design 

  • Simple

  • Research result only have text and no graphic


First Iterations

  • Display different categories to choose from 

  • Offer trending search to encourage users to read more news

  • Recent for search history 

  • Show the original news screen as users typing to search 

X - 2.png
X - 11.png
X - 5.png

Second Iterations

  • Remove Categories 

  • Move Search History to the top 

  • Trending News instead of trending topic

X - 2.png
X - 12.png

First Iteration of Search Result Page

  • Display result with images and reliability source

  • Can add the news to Favorite easily by tapping the star

  • Sort by function allows user to search the news more precisely  

X - 4.png
X - 8.png
X - 10.png

Second Iteration of Search Result Page

  •  Dropdown categories menu

  • Dropdown Reliability Score menu 

X - 4.png
X - 1.png

Website Article Page

Original Design 

  • When click "Read more" it takes user to its original news website, instead of staying at Oigetit 

  • Didn't display the full article

Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 8.45.43 PM.png

My Initial Design 

  • Display different categories on the top or side

  • Easy way to share the article or save to Favorite

  • Full articles with the source and Reliability Score 

  • Most popular articles on the side 

Desktop - 1.png
Desktop - 3.png
Desktop - 4.png

Onboarding Page

Original Design 

  • Not much graphic

  • Not visual attracting

  • Didn't show users how to use the app 

IMG_1787 2.PNG
IMG_1788 2.PNG
IMG_1789 2.PNG

My Initial Design 

  • More illustration to attract users

  • Display different features of the app 

iPhone 8 - 1.png
iPhone 8 - 2.png
iPhone 8 - 4.png
iPhone 8 - 5.png
iPhone 8 - 6.png
iPhone 8 - 7.png
X - 1.png
X - 2.png
X - 3.png
X - 4.png
X - 5.png

Company Mascot 

My Initial Design 

  • Ninja Robot - represent company's fast AI technology ​​

  • Shield - show the unique reliability score feature in the app 

  • Round shape reflects company's "O" logo 

  • Ring around the robot shows the speed and reflects company's logo 

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