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3D Onboarding Page Design Practice

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Today I follow this interesting tutorial that teach how to design a 3D onboarding page using Adobe Dimension. I never use Adobe Dimension before, but I think Dn is very intuitive itself. I didn't struggle much using it.

Tutorial Length: 15 minutes

Actual Time for me to follow: 30 minutes

Pros :

  1. easy to follow along

  2. beginner friendly

  3. fresh idea


  1. have to download Adobe Dimension ($$$)

My Rating: 4/5

Highly recommend to check out this tutorial. This make 3D illustrating super easy and super fun! I have try Blender and Sketchup before for 3D drawing, and Adobe Dimension just make it so much easier.

Btw I feel like there's a trend on using 3D design in UI UX now 🤔. I think now the majority of the designers still favor the flat vector illustration, but I have a feeling 3D design trend is rising.

My version of design

Tutorial Link:

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